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At the Group Benefit Solutions, Inc., we want our clients to have access to the best practices in Human Resources. HR360 not only assists you as an employer, but helps in making a better informed and more productive workforce. The information contained in the website should go a long way in assisting you as an employer. 

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Benefits Compliance

Federal law does not require an employer to provide benefits to employees. However, if an employer chooses to offer employee benefits, it must comply with many legal requirements. Benefits compliance can often be challenging as the requirements are complex and ever changing. Group Benefit Solutions provides our clients access to hr360 which has comprehensive Human Resources information.

As your broker, we are constantly searching for value-added services that may assist you in running your business. To that end, we have partnered with HR360 to deliver a state-of-the-art human resources library. In many ways, HR360 acts as a “online HR department”, providing your company with the most current, attorney-reviewed federal and state employment laws as well as a complete range of downloadable forms, posters, interactive HR tools and a lawyer-reviewed sample employee handbook.

Your online HR library includes:

  • Interactive guides that provide step-by-step guidance on COBRA, performance reviews, hiring, and terminating employees
  • Interactive tools including a description builder and salary benchmarking tool
  • Hundreds of downloadable forms, policies and posters
  • State “mini COBRA” information as well as a range of additional employment laws per state

For a quick video tour of what HR360 can provide you, click on the link below:

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