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Other Benefits Include:

• Tax Deductible
• Benefits Are Paid Tax Free Up to $9,000 Per Month .
• Has No Exclusions, Limitations or Restrictions.
• Is Good Worldwide.
• Does Not Go Away When You Turn 65.
• Return Of Premiums paid (tax free) If Benefits Are
Not Used.
• Pays Cash At The Beginning Of Each Month Of
​ Eligibility.
• No Occupation or Income Questions.
• Cash Benefit Account up to $500,000 for
​ associations.
• Monthly Cash Benefit from $1,500.00-$9,000.
​• Can be Employer or Voluntary funded.

You decide how to use your cash benefit!
There are no restrictions, third-party bills to submit for reimbursement, or limits. You decide what's best for you. And you have the resources from your Cash Benefit Account to maintain your lifestyle - your way..

Accelerated Benefits Program
The day after the eligible policyholder completes his Calendar Day Elimination Period, a full benefit check will be sent paying his benefit prospectively. Yes, the claimant may receive payment before incurring expenses for services!

Monthly Cash Benefit from $1,500 to $9,000
Monthly payments continue until the client is ineligible for benefits or the Cash Benefit Account is exhausted. The Monthly Cash Benefit is selected by the policyholder at issue and ranges from $1500 to $9,000.

Cash Benefit Account up to $500,000 for associations
The total amount of Benefits payable under this policy. There are five Cash Benefit Account (pool of money) options for Comprehensive coverage: $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000.
GBS LTC Consultants hold the CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care) Designation.

Long Term Care

A tax-qualified product that pays eligible policyholders their applicable Monthly Cash Benefit without regard to services used or amount spent. There is no requirement to submit receipts or proof of services. It's that easy!

• A Great Executive Carve Out Benefit.

• A Private Option to the 2012 C.L.A.S.S. Act.

• Has level, age based premiums, usually less than

your cable bill.

• A 35-40 year old can purchase a spectacular

$300,000.00 Cash Benefit

• Account policy for $10.00 or under a week.

• 40% Care Partner Discount.

• Incredible rider options including

"Shared Care and Inflation Protection".

• Employer programs with simplified underwriting

and/or application.

• Group and Association 5% Discount.