Benefits Of Health Care Reform

Health Insurance for More People

According to the White House, the new law will bring health insurance to an estimated 32 million Americans who don't currently have it.

Consumer Protections

​Americans will find it easier to gain coverage due to the removal of restrictions for pre-existing medical conditions, and coverage will have fewer limits due to the phasing out of limits related to the total amount of care a person can receive from their insurer.

Beginning plan years on or after September 23, 2010, people under age 19 can no longer be made to wait for insurance coverage or denied benefits because of a pre-existing health condition. Beginning in 2014, the new law applies more broadly - requiring that all individuals have coverage, and that insurers offer coverage without imposing any pre-existing condition exclusion.

Closing the “Doughnut Hole”

A change in Medicare prescription coverage will gradually close the gap in coverage over time, starting with rebate checks to Medicare members who fall into that gap in 2010.

Expanded Dependent Care

​Young people can stay on their parents' health plans until age 26, whether or not they're in school.
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There is also a provision for employees of all sizes to comply with a new requirement for Nursing Mothers.
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Preventive Care

The new law requires health insurance plans to cover 100% of the costs of certain preventive care and health screenings that are intended to help people stay healthy and avoid more serious and costly treatments later in life.
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​Subsidies to Make Insurance More Affordable

Starting in 2014 the government will offer payments to help offset the cost of insurance for some people and tax credits to some small businesses to help offset the cost of health insurance.

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